“I enjoyed being able to meet new people, learn all the new drills, the jumping techniques, and the mini track meet we had on the last day.

“I like the track camp because we had fun but also got work done. We watched movies, talked, and hung out.”

“I really enjoyed track camp because it gave me an opportunity to work out with people that I wouldn't normally practice with or compete against. I learned a lot of new drills that I used this season to help me improve my times and form. I will definitely attend this year.”

“I had a wonderful time at track camp because the NC State Track coaches were very helpful. I learned how to come out of blocks and the proper way to run. My spring track season had better performances because of camp!”

“I thought the camp did a great job with technique and the small parts that all fit together in being a great runner. The coaching was great because we had actual athletes helping us out and having real college coaching was a great opportunity as well as having a tour of life like an athlete on the State campus!”

“Track camp was great. I learned a lot of new techniques and stretches. I met a lot of new friends and the coaches were awesome!”

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Due To Resurfacing - 2019 Camp Has Been Canceled

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